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Tattoo Removal


What is Vistapen Micro-needling Tattoff?

The Vistapen Micro-needling Tattoff is a microneedling device that removes unwanted tattoos. 

How does Tattoff differ from laser tattoo removal?

A laser light interacts with unwanted pigment in the tattoo, causing it to absorb into the body.  With the Tattoff, the pigment is expelled directly from the skin.  The Tattoff can treat all types of tattoo color, dye and ink.  The laser takes an average of 10 treatments, compared to 3 treatments with the Tattoff.  Both are successful and a slight uneven skin tone in the treatment area is common.

How does the Tattoff work?

A small medical grade microneedle device with a proprietary fluid is used to make 5mm “dots” directly on the unwanted tattoo.  This causes a small burn to the skin.  The tattoo pigment then rises to the surface during the healing process in the form of scabs. These scabs then fall off over a period of two weeks taking the unwanted tattoo ink with them.

How do I know if I will have a good result?

We do a full assessment to determine your chance of a good outcome.  Light skin is better than dark skin.  Tattoos closer to the heart have better outcomes than those on the hands and feet.  Less tattoo ink is better.

Who should NOT have tattoo removal?

People with demand type cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, or pregnant women are not candidates.  We will not remove tattoos over cancerous lesions, skin infections or over severe varicose veins. 

What are potential complications?

A small amount of bleeding is common.  Skin infection is possible, but rare.   A slight change in skin pigment is common.  Scars are the most serious potential problem.  We do a full assessment to determine your chance of getting a scar.

What is the procedure like?

You will be evaluated by Dr. Kuhlman or Jodi Wilhelm, CNP to determine if you are a good candidate for tattoo removal. Your skin over the tattoo will be cleaned and shaved and a topical numbing cream applied. The procedure then takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. We schedule a full hour for the first treatment to make sure all your questions are answered.

Is the treatment comfortable?

Most clients say it feels about the same as having their tattoo applied.

Is there any down time?

The treated area will be sore for a few days. It will take 2-3 weeks for the small scabs to heal.

How many treatments are required?

For a typical 5” by 5” tattoo, 3 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart are required.

How much does the tattoo removal cost?

For a typical 5” by 5” tattoo, it will cost $1400 for all 3 visits. Smaller tattoos cost less and larger tattoos more.


Before and after pictures coming soon.