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What is a Microcannula?

At Physical and Aesthetic Medicine, we are certified to use the DermaSculpt microcannula to perform dermal filler injections. A blunt tip microcannula is used in place of a sharp needle. Since the microcannula is dull at the tip, it will not cut through blood vessels and nerves that commonly occur when using sharp needles.

How does it work?

Numbing cream and /or a small injection with lidocaine is given to the treatment area. A small ‘starter needle’ is placed in the skin to make a small hole for the microcannula to be inserted under the skin. Since the microcannula has a dull tip, it is unable to puncture your skin, so a pilot hole is needed. The microcannula is very flexible, which allows us to inject the dermal filler in any direction. Since it is not sharp, it will not injure blood vessels and nerves under the skin.

What are the advantages of using a microcannula over a sharp needle?

The microcannula causes minimal trauma resulting in significantly less pain, swelling and bruising. Additionally, the microcannula will not inject in a blood vessel that can occur when using a sharp needle. This eliminates the risk of necrosis, which is a very rare, but serious side effect when using needles.

What areas of the face are microcannula’s used?

We use microcannulas to inject the tear troughs because of the high risk of hitting nerves, blood vessels and the eye in this area. Microcannulas also work great to inject dermal fillers in areas where there is commonly a lot of swelling and bruising, such as the nasolabial folds, lips and marionette lines.

Is there any additional cost to use a microcannula?

No. we do not charge an extra fee to use the microcannula.